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Being in the care of an experienced dentist is worthwhile. Fresh breath, a shiny smile and healthy teeth for life can now be yours.

Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o. – a dental clinic

Like the rest of the body, your teeth need regular care. And the basic rule of dental care is, do not underestimate regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

You will see that a dentist appointment does not have to pose an unpleasant experience. At the Centre of Dental Medicine, Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o., we treat each patient individually, courteously and with a respectful approach. We do not forget that a human approach and a smile on the lips cost nothing, and yet they can do wonders.

New patients

Make your teeth healthy again. Become our patient and get professional care – with a smile and without pain. You are just one click away.

Why choose us?

Dentistry and dental hygiene

We are a modern dental clinic and provide comprehensive dental care to both adults and children. Our experienced dentists will, among other things, get rid of tooth decay painlessly, perform professional teeth whitening and solve other teeth problems. Our team also includes skilled dental hygienists who will teach you the basics of dental hygiene and more.

Stop dental pain

Do not wait for toothache to strike. Visit our dental office in time. We work with state-of-the-art technologies, materials and procedures to ensure that our dental care is painless and comfortable for the patient. We have only one goal – a satisfied patient, who comes to the next appointment with pleasure and a smile.