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Taking regular care of the teeth is the first and crucial step for preserving healthy teeth. Add professional tooth cleaning to your regular home cleaning. By visiting a dental hygienist, your teeth will receive special care. Removing plaque, tartar and pigment is an effective weapon in the fight against periodontitis.


The moment your gums bleed or your mouth begins to smell, it is your teeth sounding an alarm and calling for professional teeth cleaning. By combining appropriate home and professional hygiene care, we will achieve a situation where bleeding gums and odours will become a thing of the past forever.

Do not wait until the first symptoms of tooth decay appear and start giving your teeth the care they deserve. Early prevention of periodontitis is the best way to ensure healthy teeth for many years.

Professional dental hygiene includes:

  • thorough examination of the condition of the gums
  • basic removal of tartar and pigment
  • instruction - teaching proper dental care, training of cleaning techniques, removal of unhealthy habits and inappropriate cleaning aids
  • an individual hygiene program

How do we perform professional teeth cleaning? We use hand tools and ultrasound to remove tartar and coating. Pigment spots from coffee and cigarettes can be effectively and painlessly removed using the Airflow procedure.

Unikátní přístroj AirFlow Profylaxis Master, který je v souladu s novými koncepty ošetření. Jde o kombinaci pískovacího přístroje a LED světelného ultrazvuku pro kompletní supragingivální a subgingivální odstraňování povlaku, pigmentací, zubního kamene a leštění zubů. Vylepšená efektivita, šetrnost a vysoký komfort pro pacienta díky regulovatelnému ohřevu vody u pískovače i ultrazvuku.


Professional teeth cleaning price: 1 750 CZK/hour


Like adults, children should attend the Dental Hygiene Centre twice a year. Alarming statistics show that 40% of children aged three have tooth decay. Make sure your child has healthy teeth and do not underestimate childhood dental care at an early age.

Dental hygiene for children

At Adela Dental Care we take care of children's teeth with sensitivity and painlessly. When visiting a dental hygienist, we will practice the right toothbrushing together, we will recommend appropriate tools, remove dental plaque and sediment, and then fluoridate the teeth.

Fluoridation of teeth

Fluorine is an element that significantly reduces tooth decay. In children, fluoride therapy is an effective step in suppressing new dental caries. Moreover, it can effectively cure tooth decay in the initial stages. Avoid unpleasant procedures on the dental chair and have your children’s teeth treated with professional fluoridation.

How does fluoridation work? After perfect dental cleansing with a special brush, a concentrated fluoride gel is applied to the teeth in a special carrier, which is applied to the surface of the cleaned teeth for 1-5 minutes. This procedure is completely painless for the child and is suitable for almost all paediatric patients (except, for example, ones with fluoride allergy).

Sealing fissures

Fissure sealing is a preventative procedure to protect freshly cut teeth from caries. Using a special sealing material, we will seal the parts of the teeth that are poorly accessible, and the cleaning of the denture will become more effective. We recommend fissure sealing immediately after the tooth is cut. The sooner we seal the fissures, the sooner we prevent bacteria from attacking the tooth. Do not worry about visiting a dental hygienist with your child. Early prevention means no suffering on the dentist's chair. And your child will definitely appreciate it.

Price of fissure sealing: 600 CZK / tooth

3 steps to healthy teeth

  • Visit your children's dentist from the first or second year of your child’s age. The first exam will show the child that the dentist is not an enemy.
  • Observing home oral hygiene is the basis. Our dental hygienist will advise you on how and with what tools to clean the teeth of your child.
  • Sweets are not good for children's teeth. If the child has a sweet tooth, avoid eating sugar all day and give them the sweets just once.


Periodontitis – a dental disease, which, together with tooth decay, can make life unpleasant. Periodontitis is an oral bacterial disease, causing mouth odour, gum bleeding, tooth root exposure, and thus teeth sensitivity and pain. In the initial stage, periodontitis is primarily an aesthetic problem. As the disease progresses, premature teeth loss occurs.

Periodontitis and its treatment

Proper teeth cleaning and oral cavity care can effectively prevent periodontitis. If the prevention has been neglected and the illness has already left its mark in the mouth, it is high time to start treatment.

How is gum bleeding treated?

For the permanent disappearance of the symptoms of periodontitis, we recommend repeating the procedure in several month intervals, until the gums are completely healed.

Price list of periodontitis treatment:

  • quadrant (1/4): 1 650 CZK
  • quadrant (1/2): 3 300 CZK

Deep cleansing (treatment of periodontitis) also includes: therapy according to the stage of periodontal disease and tartat - deep scaling - removing tartar under the gum + Vector therapy, treatment is then performed in local anaesthesia.

Keep your teeth healthy for as long as possible and plan your visit to our dental hygienist as soon as possible. Investing in your health is the best decision you can make.

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Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o. – a dental clinic

Like the rest of the body, your teeth need regular care. And the basic rule of dental care is, do not underestimate regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

You will see that a dentist appointment does not have to pose an unpleasant experience. At the Centre of Dental Medicine, Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o., we treat each patient individually, courteously and with a respectful approach. We do not forget that a human approach and a smile on the lips cost nothing, and yet they can do wonders.