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1st December 2021

 Dear patients,

we would like to offer you the possibility of an antigen test for the presence of COVID-19 directly at our dental office, before the start of dental treatment.

· The test is performed by inserting a sterile swab about 2 centimetres into the nostril.

· The evaluation of the rapid test is 8–10 minutes.

· We have certified RapiGEN LEPU antigen tests for COVID-19.

· The price for self-payers is CZK 201.

 CBCT X-ray (Cobe Beam CT) will enable 3D imaging of the imaged area, and provide the dentist more plastic and detailed spatial vision, which a mere 2D imaging of the OPG image cannot offer. It is most often used for implants, but can also help in other areas of dental treatment.

  • Infusion therapy with vitamin C


    It is a rescue not only in the flu season

    Vitamin C can be supplemented through food or food supplements that we normally produce in a pharmacy. But only few people know that the body still needs about 10 mg of vitamin C every day. However, with normal oral administration, you will achieve only a low concentration of vitamin C, which is enough to increase the body's defenses, but on the other hand has no longer preventive healing effects. These can only be achieved by intravenous application.

    Vitamin C is important for us not only in the flu season. The body is weakened when it is stressed, exhausted, when it has to undergo a high mental or physical burden, also when it suffers from repeated infections or severe allergies. At this moment, it cannot adequately fight the attacking viruses and bacteria, and the body surrenders to them. Infusion therapy with vitamin C will prevent this condition and help you cope well even in a very difficult situation.

    Highly concentrated vitamin C supports

    • immune system
    • proper fat metabolism
    • collagen production in the skin, joints, walls of blood vessels
    • iron absorption
    • liver detoxification
    • brain function
    • blocks the production of carcinogens

    It is recommended to apply infusion therapy with vitamin C in these cases

    • influenza, viruses, cold - prevention of infections in general
    • wrinkles and aging - slowing down the aging and regeneration of the organism
    • allergies, hay fever, dermatitis (inflammation of the skin)
    • fatigue syndrome, exhaustion, Burnout (burnout syndrome) - prevention of body exhaustion
    • chlamydial infections, aphthae, yeast and fungal diseases
    • chronic back and joint pain, rheumatic diseases - regeneration and slowing of the disease
    • alcoholism, smoking - regeneration of the organism, prevention of chronic consequences
    • autoimmune diseases - rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease
    • oncologic diseases - better tolerance of basic anticancer treatment, in some
    • osteoporosis - high doses of vitamin C function in combination with vitamin D are a suitable prevention against osteoporosis for postmenopausal women and men

    Caution should be exercised in patients with the following conditions:

    Precautions in the indication and use should be taken in patients with oxalate kidney stones, in asthmatics, in diseases due to excessive iron composition in the body, in patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency hemolysis may occur. Vitamin C may affect the effect of drugs on blood thinning, may increase the effectiveness of antiplatelet drugs (Anopyrin, Godasal), increase plasma levels of hormonal contraceptive tablets, may lead to inaccurate blood sugar levels.

How the service of the dental clinic "ADELA DENTAL CARE " looks like now

Dear patients,

due to the occurrence of COVID-19, we would like to inform you about the rules of service of our dentistry and dental hygiene surgery.

Our primary concern is the protection of the health and safety of you, your families and our employees. We are fully equipped in the current conditions and we have implemented comprehensive measures to protect you and us. The reception is available to patients by phone or email, ordering patients is for a specific time with a time lag for proper compliance with the hygiene regime.

Please observe all recommended hygiene measures. Please use hand sanitizer immediately after entering the waiting room. Keep the veil or respirator on until you go straight to the doctor's office.

Please do not visit our office if:

  • You have any symptoms of the disease - fever, cough, difficulty breathing, headache,…
  • Or you have been in contact with people who have these symptoms

Thank you for your understanding.
Adela Dental Care Team


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