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Our dental office provides complete dental services. From the prevention of dental decay to dental prosthesis. We pay maximum attention and care to each patient and we always rely on a painless and comfortable solution to all of dental problems.


Regular preventive examinations and check-ups reveal diseases of your gums and teeth in time. Preventive check-ups are paid twice a year by your health insurance company.

Part of the examination is

  • An examination of the condition of your teeth, mucous membranes, tongue and gums
  • Dental hygiene and instructions on proper dental care
  • Once a year we make a bite X-ray of the right and left side (so-called Bitewing) where we can see interdental decay and possible bone regression in periodontitis
  • 1x in two years we will get a panoramic X-ray (so-called OPG) serving as an overview of the overall condition of the teeth and bones. We do it for children at the age of 5 or 6. This checks that all permanent teeth are established.

Do not postpone regular check-ups. The solution of an acute condition is always more complicated and time-consuming and costly.


We perform intraoral X-ray examinations comfortably and directly on dental kits.

Panoramic X-ray (OPG) allows you to see the condition of all teeth of the upper and lower jaw, the whole jaw during and the joints, all at a minimum dose of radiation (radiation dose = about 4 intraoral images). The patient always has protective shielding means (apron and collar).

CBCT X-ray (Cobe Beam CT) will enable 3D imaging of the imaged area and provide the dentist with more plastic and detailed spatial vision, which a mere 2D imaging of the OPG image cannot offer. It is most often used for implants, but can also help in other areas of dental treatment.


Most procedures that we perform at our clinic belong to aesthetic dentistry. During any treatment, we pay attention to achieving a perfect and natural appearance of the teeth.

We have a wide range of modern materials and technologies at our disposal, which include all-ceramic crowns and veneers, composite and ceramic overlays, photocomposite fillings, gentle bleaching and aesthetically removable restorations.

In the treatment of hard tissue defects of the tooth (decay, erosion, wedge defects, fractures, etc.) we use photocomposite (white light-curing) materials with molecular binding to dentin and enamel. Their most important properties are natural appearance, perfect polishability and high load resistance. The performed procedures are painless and gentle on dental tissues.

We perform all procedures using modern Zeiss and Leica operating microscopes.


Children form a specific group of patients that requires a special approach and also the cooperation of parents. The active involvement of parents is especially important in the field of dental hygiene, because children need help with brushing their teeth.

When treating pediatric patients, our priority is to gain their trust, which we consider a necessary condition for quality treatment. This trust is also a guarantee of healthy teeth in adulthood.

Modern equipment and a pleasant environment, friendly staff, toys and special gifts for children help to establish contact with a small patient. An invaluable tool is the possibility of treatment in analgesia, analgesia with tomato gas, treatment with premedication Midazolam, which will relieve fear.


We perform all surgical procedures using modern, effective and safe anesthetics. Analgesia helps to enhance their effect and completely rid the patient of fear. Special emphasis is always placed on sterility.

We routinely perform dozens of types of outpatient surgeries, the most common are:

  • Tooth extraction, including wisdom teeth and root remnants
  • Surgical removal of teeth that have not been cut yet or are only partially cut
  • Removal of deposits of infections above the tooth roots (root tip resection)
  • Modifications of ligament strokes and bridles and deepening of the atrium of the oral cavity
  • Modification of the prosthetic bed (removal of obstructing bone formations)
  • Surgical procedures are usually performed according to a predetermined plan of complex functional and aesthetic rehabilitation.

We use an operating microscope and piezo surgical technology to perform complicated procedures. After the treatment, you will receive detailed printed instructions, a cooling lining and a check-up date. If necessary, we prescribe antibiotics and analgesics.

For certain soft tissue procedures, we use the SoftLase PRO laser, which, compared to traditional surgical equipment such as electrocautery, makes the action of the laser more gentle and predictable and often does not require local anesthesia.

Lasers compared to the traditional method/electrocautery - advantages:

  • Effective and efficient soft tissue removal
  • Excellent hemostasis. Safe around implants! Usually requires no topical anesthetics
  • Reduced postoperative pain and better healing
  • No gingival recession
  • Less swelling and discomfort
  • No periodontal dressing or suturing required


Local anesthetics

In the dental office, we use modern, proven local anesthetics of the latest generation, from which you can choose the most suitable ones for seniors, pregnant women, children and people with chronic diseases.

General anesthesia and intravenous analgesia

General anesthesia is a targeted loss of perception of all sensations (touch, pain, heat, cold). The aim of general anesthesia is to eliminate the patient's consciousness, to ensure painless operation and to ensure suitable surgical conditions (muscle relaxation, immobility of the operating field).

At our clinic, it is possible to perform procedures using intravenous analgesia. It is especially suitable for patients with phobias, disabilities and also for children who do not cooperate in routine treatment. The procedures are performed by an experienced certified anesthesiologist.

Premedication of pediatric patients with midazolam

Premedication is the administration of certain medications before a dental procedure in order to reassure the patient. Appropriately chosen premedication will allow us to perform the necessary treatment, induce psychological reassurance of the patient, reduce the perception of pain, eliminate motor instability, unwanted reflex.

Midazolam is a short-acting benzodiazepine drug used to treat convulsions and to induce sedation and amnesia in medical procedures.

Amnesia with midazolam is useful in premedication before dental procedures because it suppresses unpleasant memories. Midazolam, like other benzodiazepines, has a rapid onset of action, high efficacy and low toxicity.


Teeth are one of the most important factors that have a big impact on the quality of our lives. Beautiful smile, effective chewing and clear speech affect a person's physical and psychological condition. The desire to have healthy teeth is directly related to the development of a relatively new direction in dentistry, dental implantology.

Implantation is the optimal solution in case of loss of one, several or all teeth. In each situation, it is possible to choose the optimal dental implant according to the type, form and size of the defect and the patient's financial capabilities.

We use top dental implants from a world-famous manufacturer: DIO IMPLANT SYSTEM (South Korea).


Treatment of dental canals or endodontics is a key treatment that can leave a tooth in the mouth that has died as a result of excessive decay, inflammation or injury. We are convinced that well-treated and hermetically filled canals are the basis of long-term results. At our clinic, we use a reliable modern Endopilot system, which ensures tight three-dimensional filling of the root canal of the tooth along its entire length in combination with chemical disinfection.

We generally treat root canals using an operating microscope, which allows them to be completely cleaned and filled. After filling the tooth, a prosthetic treatment follows (crown, composite extension).


Prosthetic dentistry deals with the replacement of lost parts of teeth or whole teeth. We offer quality workmanship and perfect accuracy of prosthetic performances. All our works meet high aesthetic demands and can hardly be distinguished from real teeth. We will advise you on the most suitable type of dental prosthesis. We offer a choice of several variants for each situation.

In cooperation with proven laboratories, we will make the following dental prostheses:

  • Veneers - thin aesthetic veneers made of ceramic material for frontal teeth
  • Inlays and onlays - ceramic fillings and semi-crowns made in the laboratory
  • All-ceramic crowns and dental bridges (zircon, e.max)
  • Metal-ceramic crowns and dental bridges
  • Aesthetic temporary composite crowns and dental bridges
  • Partial and total removable replacements (including elastic, skeletal, hybrid on implants, etc.)

Dental implants are a modern and reliable method of replacing one or more lost teeth.


The operating microscope is an optical device that allows spatial vision and enlargement of the treated tooth.

The dentist works at 5 to 30 times magnification. The microscope includes a powerful light source that intensively illuminates the entire working field. The doctor thus has an excellent detailed overview of the treated tooth.

The use of a microscope in individual operations: examination of teeth, aesthetic fillings, treatment of root canals - endodontics (a field where the use of an operating microscope is of fundamental importance). The inner space of the tooth and the root canals are completely unrecognizable to the human eye without optical aids. Treatment without optical aids reduces the success of the treatment by up to 50 %.

The operating microscope allows us to have a perfect overview of the inner space of the teeth (root canals). Our experience helps us to successfully solve the whole spectrum of possible complications of endodontic treatment, such as the removal of a bent root canal, imperfectly treated root canals with a complicated course, etc. We can treat teeth that would otherwise have to be removed. The success of the treatment with an operating microscope exceeds 96 %.

At our clinic we have 2 operating microscopes with top optics from the manufacturers Carl Zeiss and Leica.


Periodontology deals with the health of the periodontium or the tissue surrounding the teeth (gums, alveolar bone, dental apparatus). We most often encounter periodontitis (usually inaccurately called), an inflammatory disease of the above tissues. The first symptoms of this process are bleeding gums or bad breath. If these symptoms are neglected, the inflammation spreads deep and leads to the formation of periodontal trunks, purulent exudation, bone loss and tooth wobbling. The great danger of periodontitis lies in the slower, hidden development of the pathological process, which is usually not characterized by pain.

In direct cooperation with a dental hygienist at our clinic, we use methods of treatment of periodontitis:

  • Scaling and closed curettage - cleaning the root surface and periodontal trunks by using special hand tools
  • Rinsing periodontal trunks with antiseptic solutions
  • Plating dentures with composite splints


At our clinic, professional dental hygiene is performed by a trained team of dental hygienists. The perfect result is also guaranteed by a number of modern technologies.

The unique AirFlow Profylaxis Master device, which is in line with new treatment concepts. It is a combination of a sandblasting device and LED light ultrasound for complete supragingival and subgingival removal of coating, pigmentation, calculus and tooth polishing. Improved efficiency, gentleness and high comfort for the patient thanks to adjustable water heating in the sandblaster and ultrasound.

Special emphasis is always placed on instruction: the patient learns how to brush his teeth to achieve the best results and which hygiene aids are best for him.


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Like the rest of the body, your teeth need regular care. And the basic rule of dental care is, do not underestimate regular check-ups at the dentist’s.

You will see that a dentist appointment does not have to pose an unpleasant experience. At the Centre of Dental Medicine, Adéla Dental Care, s.r.o., we treat each patient individually, courteously and with a respectful approach. We do not forget that a human approach and a smile on the lips cost nothing, and yet they can do wonders.